Our machine technology

T2-701 is a continuously vertical processing bag forming, filling and dealing machine (VFFS). Due to the simultaneously going on processes we achieve an increasing power without decreasing the quality of the single functions. The machine cuts, seals and doses while the film transport operates continuously. The bisection of the haul – off speed as well as the dispense of Starting and Stoping in each operating cycle leads to maximum process reliability and minimum wastage. The high technical Niveau of this machine grants for the reproducible processing of all imaginable product / film and film combination.

Technical Specifications:

Mech. Speed: 50 bags / min
Bag width: 700 mm
Bag length: 1200 mm
Bag forms: Flat, Side fold, block bottom, carrying handle, four-edge-sealing-system, …
Capacitiy: 5 to 130 liters
Contol: Industrial PC with a Solour-Touch-Screen, recipe memory: 500 programs are standard
Integrated Diagnostik System: ethernet interface
drive technology: intelligent servo drives, frequency controlled motors
Sealing: horizontal: constantly heated & impuls, vertical: hot air
Dosing: variable, according to requirements
Synchronisation: dosing, Palletizer, Product infeed, Network, …

T2-450-B is a horizontal working belt feeder. It is especially designed for the soil-industries.It is able to process various soils- & mulch products. It doses the volume of any kind of soil and peat (e.g. heavy roof-garden-soil, heavy dusty peat) exactly without any mechanical changeover. The specially developed locking-mechanism cuts exactly the product flow and ensures product-free sealing of the cross-seam.

Technical Specifications:
Output: 24 bags / min. at 40 liters Soil
Belt drive: Frequency controlled
Spinner drive: Frequency controlled
Level control: Capacitive switches, Vegator and laser sensors
Options: Integrated product infeed

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For each product the best packaging solution. 
Potting soil, bark mulch, wood pellets, salt, sand, wheat, stones, bird food and many more …

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