Film perforation

By using the continuous perforation within the film transport, different patterns can be perforated into the flat film.

This enables, for example, the production of grow bags.

Technical data

  • continuously operating fully automatic system

  • Perforation plates can be exchanged and used variably by using the quick-change system

  • Function integrated in machine control and selectable for each recipe

  • no limits to pattern design, especially for planting tubes great variety

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Is the machine available via remote maintenance?2023-09-06T14:07:36+00:00

As an option, each T2 packaging machine can be reached via remote maintenance.

Diagnoses & production data as well as any error messages can be viewed and fixed via the remote maintenance tool.

Furthermore, program updates can be sent over-the-air and integrated.

Using a remote maintenance tool increases production flexibility and saves important production time.

How to detect an open bag?2023-09-06T14:10:46+00:00

If in rare cases a bag is open due to damage, an open bag detection is mounted on each discharge conveyor as standard, so that an open bag is directly detected and can be discharged.

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