Real-time data transfer OPC-UA

Due to the orientation of modern production facilities towards Industry 4.0 (IoT), many producers require real-time data transfer of production data from the packaging machine to a higher-level planning or production system.

Due to this market development, we have focused on the industry standard for data transfer and use an OPC UA server interface (with TCP/IP).

Any number of parameters can be transferred and the machine is connected to a central production control system or an ERP system.

OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications – Unified Architecture) is one of the most important machine communication tools in a modern production facility. Thanks to the connection to a higher-level system, the data can be evaluated and further processed using artificial intelligence (AI).

Further information can be found on the OPC Foundation website:

Technical data

  • Use of industry standard: OPC-UA

  • Industry 4.0 (IoT) with connection to higher-level production system / ERP system

  • free definable parameters can be transferred

  • Provides transparent production

  • Future-oriented due to possible further processing of data with artificial intelligence (AI)

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Can an OPC-UA interface be upgraded?2023-09-06T14:09:14+00:00

An OPC-UA interface can be upgraded and parameterized at any time on your existing T2 packaging machine.

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