fully automatic Servo-bag-turner

To transport finished bags into a discharge section, e.g. into an “press belt”, it is useful to transport it with the bottom first, so that the product can be dispensed over the entire length of the bag.

For this purpose, there is on the one hand the possibility of raising the machine so that the bags are discharged underneath the machine or, on the other hand, the bags are turned 180 degrees after the machine by using a servo-bag-turner.

Another possible application is to use a servo-bag-turner instead of a curved belt, which therefore rotates through 90 degrees.

Technical data

  • Rotation of the bag 180 degrees

  • Rotation of the bag 90 degrees

  • Output to different transport lines with only one turntable

    (can move to different positions)

  • Only compatible with T2-701 Eco and T2-1601P

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CEO – Head of Sales

Moritz Brückel
Sales engineer

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