Infeed control system

Integrated infeed control with the T2 packaging machine is especially useful in the peat industry.

The infeed control system package consisting of inverters and software modules can control and supply a feeder line with bunkers, conveyor lines, etc. with a total power of up to 11.0 kW each.

The producer saves a secondary distribution and extra control for the infeed and can conveniently map this via the T2 packaging machine.

Each setting value (speeds, etc.) can be stored separately in the recipes in order to adapt the infeed control system exactly to the behavior of the product in order to get a maximum constant output.

Using the add-on of the tendency control of the feeding control, the feeding belts communicate with the integrated belt feeder and automatically adjusts the discharge speed of the hopper so that the product feeding no longer stops and guarantees an optimal filling of the belt feeder to keep always an optimal product level.

The parameters can be set and saved separately in each recipe so that they are set for each product when the recipe is changed.

Technical data

  • complete control, speed regulation and monitoring of the hopper and feeder

  • Integration of the feeder control and supply with power parts and operator guidance in the T2 packaging machine

  • Advantage of central control and direct communication

  • Separate subdistributions with, if necessary. Control systems are saved

  • Helps make production more efficient

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