Unwind system

The standard of the machine includes a simple unwind in the form of rollers or spindle.

As an additional equipment it is possible to extend the unwind system with rollers by a platform to prepare another film roll for the change.

In the case of spindle unwind system, it is also possible to prepare another film roll by using side holders.

Instead of a fixed spindle with side cones, the spindle unwind system is also available as an air shaft, which is fixed in the film core by means of compressed air.

Technical data

  • various Possibilities of preparing another film roll

  • By using a film crane, another film roll can be placed on the platform or on the side frames.

    (employee protection, reduced risk of accidents, 1-man operation)

  • Film change is standard at clamping point by means of tape, automatic welding of film ends optionally possible

  • Combination of both systems possible

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