Forming set & Variable forming set

The flat film is formed into a tube with the forming set shoulder and sealed directly at the tube to form a continuous tube.

The T2 forming sets are made of stainless steel and aluminum to be able to achieve a low weight with maximum product quality and durability.

All wear parts on the forming set, such as Teflon, hot air strip and forming shoulder, are easily replaceable.

As a addition to the static forming sets (fixed size), we have a variable forming set.

The adjustable forming set always has an adjustment range of 100 mm film width and is ideal for frequently changing bag sizes. Therefore, when changing the packaging size, only the width needs to be adjusted, no forming set change is necessary. This setting can also be made motor-driven, the value is stored in the recipe and automatically adjusted.

Technical data

  • Vario-Forming set with spindle adjustment

  • automated film adjustment possible

  • Adjustment of +/- 10% possible

  • Adjustment with spindle (manual) or with servomotor (automatic) with position value storage in recipe

  • Minimizes setup times and reduces costs

  • each forming set has suction ports to remove dust from the sealing area

  • Side folding spreaders on the inner tube can be adjusted as required, pointed chute also possible (with dust protection)

  • T2 inner tube locking system for fixed forming sets

  • T2 sliding hopper for Vario forming sets to connect to dosing system

  • Optional forming set vibrator prevents product sticking in the inner tube

  • Optional tube vibrator device prevents product sticking in the inner tube

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